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Remind's Yankie Princess, aka Yankie
Brown classic tabby female, born July 12, 2005

I saw Yankie first time when I was visiting my freinds John and Rene, and I just fell in love with her body and expression. Yankie is my favourite cat because of her very sweet character, and her funny little voice. Like her father Guldfakse's Little Bear Moon, you can always recognize her by her voice. Yankie has a very long and muscular body and a sweet sweet temper, and I'm looking forward to seeing her further development. Thank you John and Rene for this lovely girl.



    Her pedigree:   Yankie's genotype A-D-iisstbtbwwoo

IC.Guldfakse's Little Bear Moon

MCO a 22


EC.WW'98'00'01 Guldfakse's Chief Two Moons
MCO d 23
IC.WW'95'96 Maine-Mark's Dakota EC.WW'94 CFA GC.MtKittery Casco
Guldfakse's Poly Holly (P)
WW'00 Cozy Farm Ginger Rogers GIC.Cozy Farm Mefisto P
Guldfakse's Dakota
MtKittery Yuma
MCO w 62
CH.Britghes Derby of MtKittery CH.Mr Incognito of Mainiac
CH.Mysticoon Clementine of Britches
CH.MtKittery Bonny Eagle IC.MtKittery Bemis,DM
GC.PR.Beauport Colby of MtKittery
Mountaineer's Tara Tamara

MCO ns 22
Tara's Alaska Boy
MCO ns 22
Tara's Tamiami-Trail MtKittery Arapahoe
Purrocious Lady Lucinda
Tara's Kit'n Kaboodle MtKittery Arapahoe
Oroojos Anderle-Anderle
Guldfakse's Tuchahoe
IC.MtKittery Bemis,DM CH.Hillside Sasquatch of Advent Hill
CH.MtKittery Perry
Coonmora Keegan TICA.SGC.Coonmara's Fantastic Sam
TICA QGC.Cowtown's Dallas of Coonmora

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