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PR Never Mind Another Bites The Dust, aka Dusty
Brown mackerel tabby male neuter

Dusty is my favourite cat, because he's such a special boy. He brings out all my feelings, and with him, two days are never alike. He's a wonderful boy; I love him very much, and I thank Gitte Jensen from Never Mind's for entrusting me with this wonderful creature.

He's show carreer where to short, he simply don't like cat-show's

1th Best Maine Coon Kitten in Maine Coon Klubben - Danmark of the year 2001

Dear Dusty, because of all my love for you and because you every day told me that a house full of cat's was too much for your feelings, I had to take the very hard decision and find another home for you and I found it, I can see you have the perfect home with Frances and Claus, the people I can't thank enough for taking the love of my life.
Dusty, Frances and Claus you are always in my hard.
With love Ann-Dorrit.





    His pedigree:

IC Coonshine Skagway
MCO n 23
Tara Alaska Boy
MCO ns 22,
Tara Tamiami-Trail MtKittery Arapahoe
Purrocious Lady Lucinda of Charmalot
Tara Kit'n Kaboodle MtKittery Arapahoe
Oro Ojos Anderle-Anderle
Cozy Farm Troublemaker
MCO n 23
GIC Cozy Farm Mefisto P MtKittery Socko P
CH Maineline Wild Honey Pie
Guldfakse Carrabasset WW EC MtKittery Casco
Willowplace Topaz
IC Guldfakse Mahogany
MCO n 22
IC MtKittery Bemis
MCO a 22
CH Hillside Sasquatch of Advent Hill TGC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace, OS
Hillside Belle Epoque
QGC MtKittery Perry SGC MtKittery Macwahoc
SGC Heidi Ho Aurora of MtKittery, OD
Willowplace Topaz
MCO n 23,
TGC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace, OS GC Coonquest Beaujolais of Hillside
Heidi Ho Danielle Coon
DGC Willowplace Anna Arabella SGC Willowplace Starbuck, OS
Willowplace Alexis of Marimick

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