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TICA CH + CFA CH + FIFE EC Great Danes Chloe
Brown classic tabby-white female, born June 22, 2001

Chloe is my favourite cat because she is simply a darling. She's the princess of the house, with a mild and sweet temper, and I look very much forward to seeing her further development. I love her very much, and I thank Trine Hansen from Great Danes for entrusting me with sweetie.


    Her pedigree: Chloe's carries dilute genotype A-DdiiSstbtbwwoo

Tuscaloosa Ghostbuster
MCO n 09 22
RW-SGC Acadiapark Sugar Kain
MCO n 09 22
IC Coonquest Cisco of Acadiapark SGC Coonquest Edmaine Hillary
Coonquest Princess Jasmaine
RW CH Coonyham Napa of Dreamhunter IW-SGC Coonyham Sundance, OS
CH Wyndhaven Dakota of Coonyham, OD
RW Degoonacoon Coos Bay of Tuscaloosa
MCO ns 22
SGC Degoonacoon Marquoit Bay IW-SGC Coonmora Lucky Strike
IW-SGC Degoonacoon Madagascat Bay, OD
GC Degoonacoon Wasatch Bay SGC Degoonacoon Calabash Bay of Brnyfls
Degoonacoon Presumpsot Bay
Rivendell Ohio
MCO as 09 22
EC Guldfakse Geronimo
MCO n 22
IC MtKittery Bemis CH Hillside Sasquatch of Advent Hill
QGC MtKittery Perry
CH Maineline Cynthia SGC Maineline Dexter
DGC Maineline Melrose
Milinocket Yankee Rose
MCO ns 09 22
CH Willowplace Rocky Mountain High TGC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace, OS
Willowplace Deja Blue
Willowplace Titania SGC Masaïtana Haut Brion of Willowplace
Willowplace Dreamsickle

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