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EC+CH Castle Rock Fire Engine, aka Baboo
Red classic tabby-white male, born June 2, 2000

Baboo is my favourite cat because he has the loveliest temper. He's the peace keeper here: at the slightest sound of a quarrel, Baboo will come running and throw himself on his back and roll around, hoping to charm everybody to peace. He loves sitting on my back, and he's a great heat blanket. I love him very much because he came here and took everything in his stride, and I thank Pil and Thomas from Castle Rock with all my heart for entrusting me with their lovely boy.

He's had a wonderful show carreer :

    His pedigree: Baboo carries both solid and dilute  Genotype: AaDdSsiitbtbwwO

RW-SGC Willowplace Chakotay of Lovelyness
MCO n 09 22
SGC Megacoon Rocking Cyrus
MCO n 23
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GC Donnahugh Somerset
Koontucky Millicent of Alacoon QGC Koontucky Hot Brown
TGC Donnahugh Tobey of Koontucky, OD
Willowplace Party Doll
MCO n 09 22
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CH Willowplace Naivasha of Masaïtana
Willowplace Dream Shadow GC SaintClouds Silverdude of Willowplace
CH Maineline Solitaire of Willowplace
IC Cozy Farm Paradox
MCO f 22
WW95 EC Cozy Farm Gipsy
MCO e 22
IC MtKittery Bemis CH Hillside Sasquatch of Advent Hill
QGC MtKittery Perry
CH Maineline Wild Honey Pie SGC MtKittery Rumford of Maineline
Maineline Roxbury
WW96 GIC Cozy Farm Betty Boop
MCO f 22
EC MtKittery Cooper SGC GC MtKittery Penobscot, OS
GC MtKittery Dresden
Cozy Farm Evil Gossip GIC Cozy Farm Mefisto P
Coonmora Nikita

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