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Guldfakse Belle Highwalking P,aka Bella
Spotted tabby female, born March 23, 1999

"I'm the lucky person to have Her Royal Highness Bella living in my house,she is from my very dear friend Dortemarie K. Nielsen from Guldfakse. Bella has the most lovely temper you can think of, she has a kind of humour that always makes me laugh, and to her kittens she is a very, very sweet and caring mother. Dortemarie, you gave me a star the day you brought me Bella, and I thank you with all my heart for entrusting me with her."


    Her pedigree:         Bella carries both solid and dilute  Genotype: AaDdssiiTtbwwoo

GIC.Cozy Farm Mefisto P
Mco n
MtKittery Socko P
Mco d 23
GC.MtKittery Pennobscot
CH.MtKittery Macwahoc
SGC Heidi Ho Aurora of MtKittery, OD
Charlemaine Molly P Pussytoes Mikie of Charlemaine
Charlemaine Fantasia
Maineline Wild Honey Pie
Mco f 22
SGC.MtKittery Rumford of Maineline SGC.MtKittery Scoodic
SGC Heidi Ho Aurora of MtKittery, OD
Maineline's Roxbury Kiskata's Silver Cloud of Sol-Katz
GC.Maineline Melrose
MtKittery Arundel
Mco ns 23
IC MtKittery Bemis
MCO a 22
CH Hillside Sasquatch of Advent Hill TGC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace, OS
Hillside Belle Epoque
QGC MtKittery Perry SGC MtKittery Macwahoc
SGC Heidi Ho Aurora of MtKittery, OD
Masteast's Ruby Jane of MtKittery
Mco fs 22
Kiskata Mr. Corky Tomeran's J.J. Hardbody
Kiskata's Moon Dreamer
Kiskata Ladyhawke of Maine St. East Kiskata's Silver Cloud of Sol-Katz
Kiskata Sunshine High

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