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MysteryCoons Phyton
Black girl, born Mai 6, 2009

Phyton is a fantastic girl, she has a very strong boning and a very sweet temper. She is a daughter from Yankie Princess' a litter with 8 kittens which I did rescue by warming them up in my owen. This litter has a very big place in my heart and of course I had to keep Phyton, my dear Phyton you are my favorite cat just because you are you my sweet girl.

    Her pedigree: Phyton's genotype  aaDdiisstbtbwwoo

    MysteryCoons Bingo

    Mco n 09 23

    CH.Omkara Fire Horse Creek
    Mco n 23
    Omkara Samuel American Horse CH Omkara Crazy Horse
    Guldfakse´s Winnebago de Omkara
    Mystery Coon's Wea P of Guldfakse Guldfakse's Belle Highwalking P
    Guldfakse's Little Wolf
    Mystery Coon's Heather's Blush
    Mco n 09
    DK MaineKuLa's The Spellbinder Guldfakse's Chief Red Hawk
    DK MaineKuLa's Because I'm Worth It
    DK Mystery Coon's No Picnic
    GIC DK Rivendell's Ozzy Ozbourne
    CH Never Mind's Born in Heaven
    Remind's Yankie Princess

    Mco n 22

    IC.Guldfakse's Little Bear Moon
    MCO a 22
    EC.WW'98'00'01 Guldfakse's Chief Two Moons IC.WW'95'96 Maine-Mark's Dakota
    WW'00 Cozy Farm Ginger Rogers
    MtKittery Yuma CH.Britghes Derby of MtKittery
    CH.MtKittery Bonny Eagle
    Mountaineer's Tara Tamara
    MCO ns 22
    Tara's Alaska Boy Tara's Tamiami-Trail
    Tara's Kit'n Kaboodle
    Guldfakse's Tuchahoe IC.MtKittery Bemis,DM
    Coonmora Keegan

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