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Mystery Coon's Bermuda Rose
Brown torbie classic female, born March 15, 2007

Bermuda is all that I hoped for, when I mate her mother Yankie to GIC.Great Dane's Dispater, she is a big strong boned young girl. Bermuda is my favorite cat because of her so fantastic temperament, she is so sweet and mild just like both her parrents, and she has the same little voice like her mum. Bermuda has been giving me some very nice kittens with a very sweet temperament, she is now enjoying her life with me as neutered.



    Her pedigree:   Bermuda's genotype A-D-iisstbtbwwOo

GIC.Great Dane's Dispater
MCO d 22


Tuscallosa's Ghostbuster
MCO n 09 22
RW-SGC Acadiapark Sugar Kain IC Coonquest Cisco of Acadiapark
IC Coonyham Napa of Acadiapark
RW-CH Degoonacoon Coos Bay of Tuscaloosa SGC Degoonacoon Marquoit Bay
GC Degoonacoon Wasatch Bay
Castle Rock Glamourpuss RW-SGC Willowplace Chakotay of Lovelyness SGC Guitars Rocking Cyrus
Willowplace Party Doll
IC.Cozy Farm Paradox WW95 EC Cozy Farm Gipsy
GIC WW96 Cozy Farm Betty Boop
Remind's Yankie Princess
MCO n 22
IC.Guldfakse's Little Bear Moon
MCO a 22
EC.WW'98'00'01 Guldfakse's Chief Two Moons
MCO d 23
IC.WW'95'96 Maine-Mark's Dakota
WW'00 Cozy Farm Ginger Rogers
MtKittery Yuma
MCO w 62
CH.Britghes Derby of MtKittery
CH.MtKittery Bonny Eagle
Mountaineer's Tara Tamara
MCO ns 22
Tara's Alaska Boy
MCO ns 22
Tara's Tamiami-Trail
Tara's Kit'n Kaboodle
Guldfakse's Tuchahoe
IC.MtKittery Bemis,DM
Coonmora Keegan

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